Saturday, August 20, 2011

Textbook Example Of How To Be Used By The Media Against Ron Paul's Campaign

I was conflicted about even writing this  because the best thing for the actions of Robert Morrow and his infamous Rick Perry sex ad is to ignore it and hope it fades quickly. Unfortunately the ad made national news even creeping into a recent interview on Fox News with Ron Paul. Here's a link to what the ad looked like.Have You Ever Had Sex With Rick Perry?

Here's Ron Paul's interview on Fox News the reference to Morrow's ad begins at about 6:01

‘It’s Rather Silly’: Ron Paul Responds to Supporter’s Rick Perry Sex Ad Controversy

Ron Paul wisely distanced himself from the informatory ad and clearly stated this is not how his campaign operates.

I look at this as an opportunity to learn a very valuable lesson on what not to do as a Ron Paul supporter. The media microscope is focused on the Ron Paul campaign and the Liberty movement as a whole even more so then in 2008 because now it's clear Ron Paul can actually win. His numbers are impressive and growing. That makes any action by Ron Paul's supporters fair game in the Media's warped world view as they try guilt by association correlating actions of an obsessed supporter to the campaign like a "tar baby" Ron Paul wisely refused to take on the "tar baby" so the  issue is likely to go away soon. However for Mr Morrow the damage of what he did might haunt him for years. The media is branding him "unstable" a" gadfly" "deranged" etc etc.. this may end up costing him financially and personally.
 Rick Perry's campaign has not hesitated to respond and it's going to have far more impact then the reckless rantings of Mr. Morrow. Already the predictable narrative is to brand Ron Paul supporters as unstable conspiracy theorist and Morrows ad gives them ammunition.  The effect is classic marginalization, the average person often heavily influenced by peer pressure does not want to be associated with "crazy people". So obsessed with creating that narrative, one journalist  mistakenly attributes a JFK conspirator named Robert Morrow with the Sex ad Robert Morrow. The wrong Robert Morrow

The liberty movement must mature and change some of the tactics used in the past if it's going to truly be a catalyst that "starts brush fires of freedom in the minds of men". In 2008 the media shut out and marginalization efforts were far more effective and it required some creative thinking to get the message out. At times it manifested itself in harmless acts of civil disobedience with hand made signs hung over bridges and overpasses. Unfortunately a few went beyond that accepted form of civil disobedience and crossed over into  trespassing, putting signs on private property without permission, and defacing public property. The obvious problem is that Ron Paul's message is about respecting property rights and the rule of just law. Hypocrisy is never justified. This applies to Robert Morrow's reckless attempt to pin a sex scandal on Rick Perry. Morrow was as guilty of dirty tricks as the politicians that he rails against. He published an ad in desperation because none of the so called eyewitnesses agreed to go public. Mr. Morrow made a serious accusation without having the accused face their accuser. This is not what moral people do or we are as guilty of corruption as the status quo politicians.


  1. Diana Moses, Freedom KeeperAugust 20, 2011 at 12:19 PM

    Amen Phil! I could not agree with you more. The whole thing stinks to high heaven and seems to me to be some kind of a desperate act of some sort for reason far beyond my ability to comprehend?! The very fact that Robert admittedly consorts with supposedly the "same kind of women/men" discredits him in the first place. It makes no real sense - it's just stupid and the opposition will be sure to use it against all liberty activist in general.

  2. Tho he is fueled by attention >>> Ignoring him does no good either !! "I" KNOW !!
    Having an atty contact him does nothing either >> he will just scream that it is his "1st amendment right to freedom of speech" !!! & since he is not worth spending my $s on >> I will just show him how the game is played!!
    IF U will go to his FB pageS: AND
    As U will see he is a PERVERT !!! He is also a delusional LIAR !!
    He does not work but lives on an inheritance in a house on 2 lots in Austin valued at like $750k so he sits around all day doing his PERVERTED & DELUSIONAL crap !!
    It is a shame that he is associated with Ron Paul >>> perhaps Mr Paul needs to make a statement ??!! As I am being forced into myself !!
    One day he is gonna pick the wrong person & they WILL have the $s to stop him !!
    Personally, he reminds me of the loose cannon fringe guy that went into the camp & killed all those teens ??!! :(
    Patriot Shar

  3. Actually this is the same robert morrow as the JFK conspirator >>> go check his FB pages I referenced !!

    This has NOTHING to do with Ron Paul >>> it is all about Rick Perry !!! He has been circulating emails for over 2 months >>> using MY name to try to make himself more credible but NOT gonna happen !!! I have had grass roots leaders & activists forwarding emails & calling me for over 2 months now !!

    For those that do NOT know me >>> I am not a perry OR Ron Paul supporter !!!

    I am telling ya >>> the guy is dangerous >>> he is a DELUSIONAL PERVERT !!

    Patriot Shar

  4. The man in the video was a different Robert Marrow. Yes the Sex ad Robert Marrow is a JFK conspiracy believer too so I understand the confusion and why I was not overly critical of the media mistake.

  5. You're correct. RP's supporters must be much more mature than our counterparts from other campaigns, specifically because we are RP supporters. The whack-jobs, racists, RINO's etc., do not help the RP cause. Rational people will make a distinction between RP and his supporters, but, the MSM does not apply rationale to their messages and are not interested in telling the truth as it is, but rather the "truth" as they want it to be, i.e., skewed and distorted.