Saturday, February 13, 2010

Glenn Beck & Rick Perry Do The Texas Two Step

Did Glenn Beck Cooperate With Rick Perry's Campaign To Marginalize Debra Medina?

The news media is in a feeding frenzy over the so called interview between Glenn Beck and Texas Gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina. Glenn Beck attacked Debra Medina with accusations of being a 9/11 truther.

Here's the interview starting at the point where the 9/11 questions begin.

I played the interview over a few times and I came to the realization that Beck very likely intended to sabotage Debra Medina's campaign. As I began to dig deeper more evidence supporting my assertion was discovered. What caught my attention first was the 9/11 question itself. Glenn Beck said he received lots of e-mails claiming Debra Medina was a 9/11 Truther. Part of Medina's response was "I have never been asked that question before." That raised a red flag in my mind. Why had that question not been asked before? Debra Medina has been campaigning for months and has had hundreds of interviews.
My suspicions grew stronger when I heard this YouTube clip from Dallas talk radio station KLIF confirming that in all of the many interviews they conducted with Debra Medina over several months not one question about being a 9/11 truther was asked.
The fact he asked such a inflammatory question so early in the interview, indicates he was trying to marginalize Debra Medina in my opinion.
The next indication of sabotage was the part of the interview where Glenn Beck appears to be trying to stop Debra Medina from continuing to answer the question and Debra Medina seems to ramble on ignoring him. I played the video again and got a sense that it was a setup. If you are not familiar with talk radio it's easy to be tricked. When a talk show host decides he wants to mock a caller there's a gimmick he does by switching off the signal feed to the telephone line. An old pro like Beck has undoubtedly used it many times in his career. And sure enough I find another clip from radio station KLIF where Debra Medina mentions not hearing Glenn Beck during the part where he tries to stop her talking. Starting at the 9:15 mark begins her comments

I remembered at the beginning of the interview Beck made a big deal out of not knowing anything about Debra Medina. Red flag number three popped up. That seemed odd considering her supporters had been on a email blitz to Glenn Beck and his staff for some time. I did a search on Google and I came across this posting. It has a copy of an email exchange between Pat Gray and a Debra Medina supporter. Pat Gray is Glenn Becks sidekick on his radio program. He's also a former Houston talk show host who routinely attacked Congressman Ron Paul. Debra Medina is a Ron Paul supporter. Pat Gray has voiced support for Rick Perry. To top it off Pat Gray responds in a scolding manner that he's sick of all the Medina supporters flooding the shows email boxes. The date of the email was a week prior to the interview. So I'm supposed to believe that Glenn Beck knew nothing about Debra Medina? Most talk show hosts at least try to find out some background information to ask better questions.
Now comes another bizarre coincidence. Sources from station KLIF reported that people have been receiving robo calls from the Rick Perry campaign accusing Debra Medina of being a 9/11 Truther. People started receiving calls 7 minutes after the interview ended.

Any reasonable person looking at the series of events that occurred would have to acknowledge that there is enough probable cause to warrant an official investigation. It should also get the attention of the news media. Unfortunately propaganda has shamelessly been used against Debra Medina already. Recently Chris Mathews accused Debra Medina of being racist for her stand on nullification and interposition. I thought that was a all time low. Mathews and MSNBC were so lazy and unprofessional in their propaganda they overlooked the fact they accused a woman of racism who is in a mixed racial marriage.
Now we have this despicable display of unbridled arrogance from Glenn Beck. Even if you set aside the events I mentioned above. And only take in account the immature behavior of Glenn Beck. You see a man who takes delight in trying to destroy a grassroots campaign. Like crazed hyenas Beck and his sidekick exchanged one pathetic vulgar barb after another for an entire hour segment. Here's a small sample that started immediately after the interview ended.

 Source Glenn Beck Website:
GLENN: Yeah. Okay, Debra, thank you very much. I appreciate it and best of luck to you.
MEDINA: Thank you, Glenn.
GLENN: You bet. Bye bye. I think
PAT: Problematic?
GLENN: While I don't endorse anyone
PAT: Problematic?
GLENN: I think I can write her off the list. Let me take another look at Kay Bailey Hutchison if I have to. Rick, I think you and I could French kiss right now.
PAT: Let me tell you something. He's a damn handsome man.
GLENN: He's a damn handsome man.
PAT: Looks good in a pair of jeans.
PAT: He's a handsome man.
GLENN: Wow. The fastest way back to 4%.
STU: (Laughing).
GLENN: Holy cow.

Debra Medina was born and raised in a small south Texas town. She's a Nurse who started a small successful business. The kind of person Glenn Beck claims to be the champion for and wants to run for office. She's supported by many of the Texas Tea Party members, a movement Beck claims to believe in.
Glenn Beck the multimillionaire employee of Fox News mocked and ridiculed a humble Debra Medina after passing judgment on her in a matter of minutes.

The ugly truth is, judgment was made well before the interview. He twisted what she said to destroy her. But it's not just her he's trying to destroy, it's the hopes for a better Texas that thousands of regular people who support Debra Medina have. Those people donated countless hours and have given their hard earned money to her campaign. Unlike Rick Perry, Debra Medina's funds come from many small donations not big corporations. Glenn Beck dismissed Debra Medina and the people she represents as being insignificant as a gnat.

 I saw a commercial on Fox promoting Glenn Beck's next TV program. The title. " Elites Verses Regular Folks" I suggest Glenn Beck can save some trouble and feature himself as the ruthless elite.
I was a guest speaker at the April 15th 2009 San Antonio Tea Party it was such an honor. I got to be back stage with Glenn Beck and his guests. I have great pictures of the event. I have some of them posted on my Facebook page. I'm going to delete the ones with Glenn Beck in it. I simply can't stand to see his face right now. Shame on you Glenn Beck.

2010 Phil Pepin, all rights reserved.
Published: Saturday, February 13, 2010


  1. I have also had my gut fill of the neo con zionist shill myself.So much for "QUESTION WITH BOLDNESS" the little quote he likes to give lip service to daily,what a laugh, its not the 9 11 truthers that are "fringe" but the lying neo con war monering zionists that are.

  2. You sir are and incoherent racist reveling your ignorance. "to Anonymous"

  3. "robo calls from the Rick Perry campaign accusing Debra Medina of being a 9/11 Truther. People started receiving calls 7 minutes after the interview ended."


  4. Glenn Beck is a slick operative for the neo-cons. Just watch him try to channel the energy of the tea party movement into statist candidates like Perry and Palin. Sure he denounced Brown but he is looking at the bigger picture in '10. Hopefully the tea partiers have learned that big-government Republocrats do NOT have the solution to the mess America is in.

  5. I don't live in TX and never heard of Debra Medina until the 2-11-20 interview live with Glenn Beck. I have been a regular listener to his radio program for over a year, and the manner in which he "attacked" Mrs. Medina was shocking and extremely un-professional.

    The interview raised my curiosity as to who Debra is and I even Googled talk radio programs in TX and had the opportunity to listen to 570KLIF on the internet. My conclusion? Glenn Beck lost my trust and support, and I even went so far as to send the Medina campaign a donation.

    Shame on Glenn Beck for misleading us by first saying he never endorsed candidates ("that's for you to research and pray about before voting") and then ambushing that grassroots American, Debra Medina.

    From a Florida Freedom Lover

  6. Pucker-up Perry, Beck is anciously waiting to swallow your touge.You make me sick Beck.

  7. She signed Glenn Becks 912 questionaire and Governor didn't...but's just all an act for Glenn...he and Fox News love to manipulate and steer the sheeple any which way they want to...and they are very very good at it.

  8. Glenn Beck is an Israel Firster. I think that this nullification talk, and Debras real chance to win the election is at threat to Washington. Many people are convinced that Capitol Hill is Israeli occupied territory. Glenn Beck, the Zionist, is working for an other Zionist. According to these people it will be better if Texas goes under or is lost than Israel.

  9. Absolutely, sick and tired of the Israel First crowd dictating foreign policy.
    If you don't bow at the alter of AIPAC then they'll use the CFR's membership to destroy you politically.

  10. I never miss your show, Glenn, but what you did to Debra Medina, when she wanted to talk about issues, was an ambush that would make a MSNBC moonbat proud. While I admire much of what you do, I also question with boldness, like BYU professor, Dr Steven Jones (nano-thermite) and 800+ architects and engineers, the official 9/11 story. Btw, ever wonder what happened to the jet engines that didn't even dent the Pentagon, let alone make holes? Everyday, you try to illustrate the threat that ObaMao poses to our constitution, but you mock those of us who want ObaMao to turn over:

    1 Certified copy of original birth certificate
    2 Columbia University transcripts
    3 Columbia thesis paper
    4 Campaign donor analysis requested by 7 major watchdog groups5 Harvard University transcripts
    6 Illinois State Senate records
    7 Illinois State Senate schedule
    8 Law practice client list and billing records/summary
    9 Locations and names of all half-siblings and step-mother
    10 Medical records (only the one page summary released so far)
    11 Occidental College Transcripts
    12 Parent’s marriage Certificate
    13 Record of baptism
    14 Selective Service registration records
    15 Schedules for trips outside of the United States before 2007
    16 Passport records for all passports
    17 Scholarly articles
    18 SAT and LSAT test scores
    19 Access to his grandmother in Kenya
    20 List of all campaign workers that are lobbyists
    21 Punahou grade school records

    You need to apologize to Debra Medina, and give her another shot at making her case...if Rick Helmet Head Gardasil TTC Perry will let you.

  11. The silver lining:

    Tens of thousands of lovers of truth and the Constitution now know that WE are all alone. No Glenn Beck, no media savior, no elite to steer us where THEY want us. THIS is a good thing. Its time that we grew up. People, we are on our own. Lets follow our own hearts and our own minds. Lets fight, lets WIN!


  12. Anonymous Silver Lining...

    Exactly!!! Very well-put. It breaks my heart to have to doubt Glenn Beck. He was the only guy I trusted. But, you're right- it's time to grow up- nobody is going to do it for us... trust no one. The Constitution should be our only political guide.

  13. It's way past time we realize that anyone on national TV is a big government shill. Beck is the worst kind of these - like a double-agent, he acts like he is against big government control in order to gain a following of people who really are. Then, at the right time, he can bring the "strays" back into the "fold" by getting these people, who believe in him, to go against what they themselves believe - as in the case of Debra Medina - she is a true patriot so Beck has to convince his followers, which he has gained under false pretences, to dismiss her. Beck's followers think "Well if Glen thinks Medina's no good then it must be true, because we LOVE Glen". O'reilly is another example, although not quite as severe as Beck, but nonetheless the same.

  14. Wow, what an eye-opener this was. I used to defend Beck, but I can no longer turn a blind eye to what others warned me about. There's even more to this story...

  15. Video reinforces the facts of this article.

  16. Did any of you actually think someone from the mainstream media was on our side? Glenn Beck is nothing more than a rich elitist like all the rest.. why is this so surprising? Maybe we will stand up and kick these people out of the tea parties, 912, etc. I don't care if they act like they are a part of it or even started it like Beck.. they are all against us, the common man and need to be booted to the curb.

    Stand up with and kick 'me where it hurts.. let's get Debra Medina put into office and STOP WATCHING TV and listening to national Radio... participate in local radio like KLIF.. one of the only stations I've heard sticking up for us.. Also, demand they remove Glenn Beck's Program from their station!!!

  17. I have no doubt now who I will be voting for after hearing Glenn Beck. I have lost respect for Glenn Beck and voting for DEBRA MEDINA for GOVERNOR OF TEXAS.

  18. But the question still remains... Is Debra Medina a 9/11 Truther? No one seems to have addessed the issue at heart.
    Mike In Fredericksburg

  19. Mike in Fredericksburg, I believe Debra Medina herself has addressed this several times, simply do a google search or visit her website for her response to the question.

  20. I hate labels. If questioning any single thing the 9-11 Commission reported as truth makes me a truther, I will confess at this time that I am. Much of the scenario that report paints just does not add up. If you feel that makes me un-patriotic, I guess your understanding of patriotism differs from mine.
    Thomas Jefferson stated that the price of freedom was eternal vigilance, so I feel ready to pay that price, even if it is to question my own government.

  21. It's about time libertarians and tea partiers realize that Beck is an elitist king-maker/king-breaker with no scruples. Fox news is interested in only 2 things: 1) Making lots and lots of money, 2) Returning the GOP (their preferred version of it) to power.

  22. I used to like/respect Glenn Beck but he's become an arrogant jerk. He's like the middle school class clown who can't get enough of himself. I've turned him off. (and how about Sarah Palin endorsing Rick Perry and John McCain...what a disappointment!)

    I wonder if Debra Medina is a member of The Savage Nation. She sure sounds like one. "Borders. Language. Culture." Go Debra! You little defender of our Constitution, you!

  23. Excellent Article.

    I just today received email that she is up in the polls and Peter Morrison has formally endorsed her.

    I think it is true: no one in national media can be trusted. I still am dumbfounded that Glenn went so far as to denigrate a candidate who pledge to his own 9/12 system. I don't know what the blowback is going to be for him, I can only hope that it is significant enough. What he has done is beyond horrific to so many hard working patriots. When he suckerpunched Medina as being an insignificant fringe piece of luff, he held you and me in the same regard. We were all suckerpunched.

  24. More dangerous than radio windbags (who really takes them seriously?) are the corrupt OPINION LEADERS within the Republican Party.

    District and committee chairs either control the candidate, or, are in the pockets of the incumbent. Their opinions are bought and paid for, and therefore are corrupt. DO NOT VOTE for the candidate your committee chair recommends!!!!!!! Forward this information. Put a wrench in the machine!!!

  25. Glenn Beck has had his leash jerked by Rupert, so he needed to try an marginalize Medina. I used to listen to him, but not any more.

    Shame on you Glenn- but we know who signs your paychecks.

  26. REMEMBER- go back to where you vote on march 2nd and attend the precinct convention! be a delegate to the county convention and then be a delegate to the state convention- whether medina wins or not we need to keep the flow going and vote out the txgop leaders- see you in dallas!!

    the link to figure out how to go to the republican state convention!

  28. Who in major media will give a straightforward interview to Debra Medina without fallacies? Beck used 15 fallacies in his attack on her ([sorry, no screaming, just had typed in capitals] “POISONING THE WELL,” “RED HERRING,” “EXAGGERATING AN OPPONENTS CONCLUSION,” “COMPOSITION,” “DOUBLE STANDARD,” “EXTREMISM,” “FAILING TO DISTINGUISH OBJECTIVITY AND SUBJECTIVITY” “INCONSISTENCY,” “IRRELEVANCE,” “BIAS,” “PRESUMPTION OF FACT,” “QUIBBLING,” “STEREOTYPING” “APPEAL TO RIDICULE” or “SMOKESCREENS”)

  29. Glenn Beck And 911 - Totally Insane Coopted Disinformation Agent Exposed!!!

    The ridiculous “interview” (hatchet job) Glenn Beck gave Debra Medina, that was taken up by major media as journalism worthy of republishing was made even more ridiculous with this exposure of Glenn Beck that you can see on this video.

    Beck’s first sentences are, “I have questions myself. I had many questions after 911.”

    Beck asks important questions
    (1) regarding Flight 77 flying back to Washington DC undetected by FAA or military radar,
    (2) regarding the Bush administration covering up the fact that the head of the Pakistani intelligence agency was in Washington the week of the attacks and had reportedly wired $100,000 to Mohamed Alta who was considered the ringleader of the hijackers,
    (3) regarding Pres. Bush completing his elementary school visit after the attacks,
    (4) regarding finding out who in our government was trying to kill innocent Americans—”Wouldn’t that be a top priority?! “ says Beck.

    Beck also makes statements about hating 9//11 victims’ families.

  30. I have totally lost all trust I had in Glenn Beck! My husband warned me but I could not believe what he said was true about him!

  31. Just curious has beck ever interviewed perry or hutchinson? Has he asked them the same question?

  32. Glenn- "Was the government in any way involved with bringing down the WTC?"

    Well sure it was...Who is in control of who comes here and who doesn't? Who issues out all these work visas and fails to enforce the laws against illegal immigration?
    So yes, at best case scenario, the government was involved at least through negligence. Something equal to manslaughter in the real world.
    But Glenn has stayed on this since the interview painting the picture that she and others like Alan Keyes are right in line with communist Van Jones. And painting the picture that she believes G Bush and D Cheney sneaked into the building and planted bombs.
    Talk about out of context.
    We will never know what all MAY have been involved with 911.
    In every situation it boils down to government is completely ignorant or they are up to something.
    We would be fools to underestimate their capabilities with an assumed 100% certainty.
    I'm not 100% certain that some in government didnt turn their heads and allow this to happen and im not 100% that they weren't clueless.
    If I put that amount of trust in them, I just as well trust them on health care, the economy, illegal immigration, the Constitution, global warming, debt, stimulas and bailouts etc etc etc.
    Glenn does a good job, but he failed on this one.
    I hope its just his ignorance and animosity towards Van Jones.

  33. I'm never gonna Listen to that shill gov. agent again.
    Do you people hear yourself?
    Sure Glenn is wrong on this and it pisses me off too, but isn't it ignorant to limit your information?
    Im glad I'm smart enough that i dont need a leader to follow and can disagree with pretty much anyone.
    Im so glad Im not like some of you above and can use my own mind without feelings getting in the way of my decisions.
    Im also glad that I can see and listen to both sides...maddow, olbermann, beck, limbaugh, savage, oreilly etc... then form my own opinion.
    IMO Beck is dead wrong, just like he was on militias. But, he has also been right on numerous things, his batting avg is way up there, think of all the heads that have been pulled out of the sand and finally paying attention.
    I guess what im trying to say is that if you are looking for someone you agree with 100%.
    Then good luck, you're gonna need it.

  34. I have to agree with most the posters here - I even emailed Glenn Beck because I was so angry - I'm waaaay to lazy to do that kind of thing usually. The manner in which it was done was definitely "smeary" - I have lost any faith I had in Beck after a stunt like that.

    Someone like Beck is very dangerous BECAUSE he says a lot of the right things. He gets everyone filled with hope as well as righteous anger and then steers them into a tree... very effective. We need to have GB out there talking truth, not some watered-down Network rant crap. It sounds good. But at the end of the day, you still have the status quo and the Establishment - and Glenn Beck can build a castle.

  35. Medina screwed up. All the hate Beck now stuff is just a way to let the dems pretend they're on the right side by attacking him, which they'll just pile on. PlS! She got a question she couldn't handle, stuttering and stammering, and no one wants to point out SHE screwed up.... he 'attacked' her... pls! Just like Catie Couric 'attacked' Palin and she screwed up the answer. Medina couldn't answer with a straight answer... she sounded like Van Jones for christ sakes.

  36. Medina answered the question,beck went off the deep end when he did not get the answer he wanted,but of coarse it is hard to "control" a free thinking person as Medina.My ? is why would beck be so hipocritical of someone who actually follows one of his 912 project principles & has signed a 912 project contract.Is it he in actuality is a shill posing as a patriot to lead you into confusion such as the above, instead of "? with boldness" just do as he says & think & speak as HE says.

    8. It is not un-American for me to disagree with authority or to share my personal opinion.

    Medina signs Glenn Beck 912 project contract

  37. Glenn Beck is a Neocon (Not a Libertarian)

    Glenn Beck For Dummies

    Glenn Beck (propagandist gate keeper) kills Mark Dice story after learning Mark tells the WHOLE truth about NWO...Mark Dice is terrific

    Glenn Beck wants to guzzle Fluoride ... listen to this idiot just confirms my beliefs about this DC CIA Operative fraud ...

    Glenn Beck the connection to the Texas Gubernatorial Race

    Beck is NOT a friend of ron paul or his supporters. he equates them to terrorists.

    Becks Says Truth Activists in the White House Threaten Obama’s Life ... LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Meet Me And Glenn Beck in Westbury

    Much Peace And Success At Bold Fresh Protest

    Alex Jones Tv: Glenn Beck, Come On Man!

    Glenn Beck & James Meigs: FEMA Prison Camps a Conspiracy Theory

    Cindy Sheehan On "Divide & Conquer" - NYC - 1/22/2010 ... i agree with her 100% she is on point

    Glenn Beck Cries Tears Of Gold

    Glenn Beck pretended to be religious to get laid

    Is Glenn Beck For Real?

    The Nazi Idiot

    Proof: Glenn Beck, Ron Paul supporters terrorists. Horowitz, Ron Paul connection with Islamofascists

  38. D. Murray - great post...I couldn't agree more. Not one person has the same perspective on everything as any other person. Reviewing history is a great start. Also, when reviewing history know that someone's perspective will be in the review of the history.

    I'm completely blown away with the charge of Glenn not allowing "questioning with boldness" - for one if she believes the Government was behind 9/11 then she wasn't bold about it at all. In the same token Glenn was bold about his opinion on the matter. Was the desire of everyone to have him be politically correct? What would be politically correct? Are we not all sick of political correctness? Wasn't Ft. Hood a product of political correctness?